About us

Hartley Courte specialize in premium quality and high micron cashmere coats for women; closing the gap between attainable and sustainable. We take a no compromise approach to the artistry craft-woman-ship of our coats, jackets, hoodies and sweaters, choosing the most beautifully soft cashmere yarns and designing all our models to ensure their durability. Hartley Courte is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle choice predicated on the belief that 100% is always achievable.

Our Ethos.

Founded on the design experience of half a century, Hartley Courte strives for sustainable slow fashion through conscious choices. We believe in building a community of accountability. We believe in making fashion choices that will sustain us into the future. We believe fashion consciousness is a choice, a stepping stone towards a greener future; which is why we choose natural whole fibres to make all our garments. We understand that our choices affect you, that’s why we make choices that aid you in your passion towards accountability and sustainability.


Timeless Cashmere. Slow Fashion.

Timeless style is as much a mindset as it is a physical observation. Style and fashion is ever changing and yet we are forever rotating the same classic styles; re-living, re-designing, re-wearing. Buy quality and buy once; that is what we believe at Hartley Courte.