Cashmere Care

For cleaning, we recommend all cashmere garments be professionally dry cleaned or the alternative of gently hand-washing at a low temperature. If you want to keep them forever, never machine wash any cashmere garments. Remember, if you love and care for your Cashmere, they will stay with you forever.

Washing your cashmere

  • Half fill a basin with water; keep temperature below 30°C.

  • We recommend you use a mild detergent, an all natural baby shampoo or an all natural cashmere wash.

  • Never use fabric softener as this can coat the cashmere fibres and cause piling.

  • Where possible, wash your cashmere garments inside out.

  • Always wash Cashmere Garments alone.

  • For best results, please allow the items to soak up to 3- 5 minutes.

  • If needed, gently hand-rub the garment for no more than 3 minutes. Less is more.

  • Rinse the items thoroughly. Never Wring out Cashmere Garments.

  • Drain excess water then carefully place onto a clean stain-free towel.

  • To maintain the garment’s shape, place it on a new dry towel, roll it up and gently squeeze out the remaining water.

  •  Never wring out your cashmere garments.

  • When the excess water has gone from the garment, lay it flat on a dry surface to dry. Never hang wet cashmere garment.

  • Never dry your cashmere garments in direct sunlight.

  • Where possible and for long term cashmere care, please store out of direct sunlight


Storing your cashmere

  • Always store your cashmere in a dry light-proof space.

  • Where possible, use protective garment bags for your cashmere garments. Stow your cashmere garments separately to avoid Piling.

  • Use garment bags, moth-proof sheets and/or cedar blocks to keep Moth’s at bay.

  • To ensure the integrity and shape of your cashmere garments, we recommend folding, instead of hanging the garment for an extended period of time.

  • Remove any pilings carefully using one of our cashmere combs or a lint-roller.

  • Where possible and for long term care, never store your cashmere in direct sunlight.

  • Love and care for your cashmere and it will stay with you forever.